Precision Guitar is one of the valley’s oldest guitar repair shops. In addition, we also service older vaccuum tube amplifiers, mandolins, banjos, and classic effect pedals.
We are authorized factory service for:
Gibson, Taylor, Epiphone, Ovation, Takamine, L.R. Baggs, Fishman, Buzz Feiten
and we are dealers for Elixir, Seymour Duncan, EMG, Di Marzio, Bill Lawrence USA, Regal, DR, D’Addario, Ernie Ball, Allparts, Dunlop, Horizon, Levy’s and many more.
We have a great selection of parts and accessories!

Our pricing for our services usually varies with each individual situation
so we ask that you bring your guitar in and we well give you a free estimate.
Below is a basic price guide for our guitar and repair services.

Price Guide as of 04/14/2010
Setup Acoustic/Electric or Bass (with standard bridge)* $45
  with 12-string, 5-string, etc.* add $10
  with standard tremolo* add $10
  with special tremolo (Floyd Rose, Kahler, etc)* add $20
Restring and Clean Fretboard - Acoustic/Electric: $10+ $ strings
  12-string, 5-string, etc add $5
  Classical add $15
  with special tremolo add $15
  with Intonnation (recommended when string gauge changed) add $10
Fret Level/Crown/Polish: * $55-$70
(depending on leveling needs)
$15 extra for finished necks
The Precision Setup - LCP and Setup*
  (The best work your money can buy)

$100-$150 (see above variations)

Headstock Break Re-glue: *
with refinishing:
extra $130+
Bridge Removal and Re-glue: * $80+ (depending on severity)
New nut from bone blank:* $60
New nut from precut (Nubone):* $35
New acoustic saddle from bone blank:* $50
New acoustic saddle from precut (Nubone):* $30
Acoustic Setup Special (Setup with new bone nut and bone saddle):* $125
Electronic toubleshooting/diagnosis bench fee: $25 minimum
Install Acoustic Pickup w/ endpin: * $60+
Install Electric Pickup (standard access): * $25, each additional $20
Insurance evaluation/appraisal, written: $25 (One item. custom quote for multiple items)

(*) = Free restring included with purchase of strings (highly recommended)
Restring with your provided strings =$5
Request to keep old strings on guitar (not recommended for any setup work)= $5

What is a setup?
Don't trust that that any retail store has professionally setup up a guitar before putting it on
the shelf for sale. Our setups will make your guitar play better than ever and are
recommended for any guitar, brand new or old. They include:

1.) Adjusting the Truss Rod
2.) Adjusting the Nut action
3.) Adjusting the Saddle/Bridge action
4.) Checking electronics
5.) Check for level frets
6.) Lubricate all moving parts
7.) Cleaning/hydrating fretboard
8.) Strobe Intonnation

What is a Level Crown and Polish?
If you experience uneven buzzing or certain notes "choking out," your guitars frets are most likely worn unevenly from use or if it is brand new, the factory did not do a very good fret job before shipping it out to a store near you. A level crown and polish will take care of these uneven frets. LCPs include:

1.) Straightening the neck
2.) Leveling all frets with a precision straight egde block
3.) Adding the proper "drop-off" on the last 5-7 frets
4.) Re-crowning the frets with our special files
5.) Dressing the fret ends (removing sharp edges on fret ends)
6.) Polishing the frets to a new shine
7.) Cleaning and minor resurfacing of fretboard (unfinished) to remove scratches
8.) Restringing instrument and tuning

We highly recommend for everyone who likes their electric guitars with very low action
and less buzzing (pretty much everyone) to get the Precision Setup which includes a
Level Crown and Polish and a Setup.
We guarantee after this work the guitar will play its best!

April 14, 2010