New website again! Much better.
We have a sign! Yes, it's a sandwich board sign but at least it is something.
We are trying to sell a bunch of stuff on eBay so check it out and feel free to bid and come pick it up!
Click here precisiongtr
(new items every week or so)


We have just updated our website design. Hope you like it!
We are also trying to get a large sign put up that is visible from
the street. We hope that this will greatly reduce the "I can't find
your shop" phone calls we seem to get all the time.


Hello Again! We have finally gotten around to putting some of our
products up on our FOR SALE section. Please check out all our
the NEW/USED instruments, NEW/USED parts and ACCESSORIES.
Many more products for sale coming soon so keep
checking back!

Also, under our SERVICES section, you will now be able to find some
before and after photos of work we have done and
thought you would like to see. Just click on the box in the left column
that says "click here..." in our SERVICES section.

We are on myspace now and soon to be on facebook! Go to LINKS
and click the MySpace Page link